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Blogging for Beginners

This post “Blogging for Beginners” is an overview of how to get started blogging for the first time.  Many people are very leery of writing and posting a blog. They don’t know where to start and are afraid to do that first update for the world to see. Overtime like with most things you get […]


Identifying the correct Key words is an important part of any SEO strategy. Trying to rank for very popular keywords or ones that are never searched is not a successful plan.  Keyword planner software is widely available to do research. These software products can tell you how often a keyword is searched and alternative keywords […]

Facebook Likes

So, you have your Facebook business page set up and you are posting a few times a month but you have no activity, no likes, no shares and no business from it. The issue may be the number of Facebook likes on your page. If you only have a few friends and family who have […]

Custom Built Website

Custom Built Website After making the decision that a new website is needed the next question is do you want a custom built website or a template. While both have their pros and cons the biggest pro for the template is price and the biggest con to a custom built website is you guessed it, […]

Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors There are too many Google ranking factors to be addressed in one blog. Below we tackle a few of the major contributors that can help or hurt your Google ranking. Content Fresh and original content is a major contributor when discussing Google rankings factors. Creating quality content that is unique to your […]

Content above the fold, what does this mean?

What content should I put on my website? Where should the content be strategically positioned for maximum benefit?  I am asked these questions all the time when working with my clients on their website content. In today’s blog, we are going to focus what type of content should be included in your site and just […]

5 Points to Discuss with your Web Designer

It is important to have an open and frank conversation with your web designer about a wide range of issues pertaining to your website. Below are 5 discussion points you should include in your meeting with your designer before making a hiring decision. What are your web development needs? The needs of a retail store […]

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a valuable tool in managing and marketing your website. From how many visitors come to your site through what was the last page they visited before exiting and so much more can be found in this data. Reviewing this information on a regular basis is critical in managing your website and making […]

Google Keywords

Picking the right keywords is critical for getting a page one or page two position on Google with the organic list. Additionally, after selecting the right correct keywords positioning them in the places that Google’s spider software searches is as important as selection the right words. The marketing staff at Global Internet Technologies has the […]