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Custom Built Website After making the decision that a new website is needed the next question is do you want a custom built website or a template. While both have their pros and cons the biggest pro for the template is price and the biggest con to a custom built website is you guessed it, Custom Built Website Points to Discuss with your Web Designer5 Points to Discuss with your Web Designer

It is important to have an open and frank conversation with your web designer about a wide range of issues pertaining to your website. Below are 5 discussion points you should include in your meeting with your designer before making a hiring decision. What are your web development needs? The needs of a retail store 5 Points to Discuss with your Web Designer Elements to a Successful Web Design5 Elements to a Successful Web Design

All business entities today need an online footprint and that starts with a web design that is compelling and encourages the prospect or client to navigate through the website. Below are 5 critical features every web design should include. Graphic Design The look or feel of the website is essential to the success of the 5 Elements to a Successful Web Design Your Target MarketDefining Your Target Market

Defining your target market is a major element in any marketing strategy, web design is no exception. Whether you market to consumers or other businesses a well-defined target marketing strategy will help make sure your marketing dollars are invested in the areas to produce maximum return. Below a few categories to consider when defining your Defining Your Target Market and User Friendly NavigationClear and User Friendly Navigation

The important of clear and user friendly navigation is critical to the success of your website. When people visit your site they have a reason to be on your website; to buy a product, to learn more about your services etc. When your home page or any of your pages in your site loads your Clear and User Friendly Navigation WebsitesMobile Websites

A mobile website is a separate website from your desktop website and is designed specifically to operate on your smart phone and tablet. Most mobile websites are a water down version of the full desktop website. The mobile websites designed by Global Internet Technologies are full version websites that are designed to work operate fully Mobile Websites