Choosing the correct company to host your web site or email is a critical consideration, the importance of which often is overlooked. A web site or email that is not up and running consistently can have both short and long term consequences. Not only may the unavailability of your web site or email lead to immediate loss of business, but since your website and accessibility via email are representative of your company on the web, it may alter how your customers and prospects think of and remember you.

As clients who already host their web sites and email with GIT know, by separating geographically the locations of its primary and secondary servers across the nation, GIT maintains an infrastructure that ensures your web sites and email will be up and running 99% of the time. Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy by hosting with Global Internet Technologies.

  1. Web Site Hosting
  2. Email Hosting with a Professional Address
  3. Domain Name Registration
  4. Access to Your Business 24.7/365
  5. Automated Mailing Lists
  6. Email blasts

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