Yes, your website will be viewed on many different browsers and on a variety of screen sizes, the theme and content of the website must be displayed correctly on all of them. There are many elements that must be considered when laying out a website, 3 of the most important are:

  1. Clear navigation

The navigation buttons must display clearly and the buttons must be distinctly named so people can find the content they are looking for quickly. When visitors click on your website, they are there to either purchase an item/service or to learn more about your company. So when your web page loads it should be easy for the visitors to find what they need. If you make them work to hard, another site is just a click away.

  • Responsive layout

With all the various size screens people may be viewing your website on being responsive is imperative. What does responsive mean, your site should layout correctly whether being viewed on a 30-inch monitor or a phone. The site needs to readable and the navigation must load correctly so people can interact with the site.

  • Original content.

If you copy and paste your content from another site Google will penalize you and not list you in Google searches. Additionally, you should be updating your content on a regular basis so when Google looks at your site they see it is being maintained and will list you higher in the search engines.

These are only 3 of the many factors that can go into a properly laid out website, so is the layout of your website important, yes. It is important to stay current on all the changes and trends to keep your site looking fresh and inviting to your clients and prospects.

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