Web Design and Online Marketing

The internet is the most powerful marketing and sales tool available to small and large businesses. From a marketing site to an eCommerce site Global Internet Technologies (GIT) has the team in place to build and market your website online. Since every company's objectives and goals are different GIT takes the time to learn what your objectives are and builds a website that meets those goals!! Today web design and online marketing are integrated together and it is best to work with a firm that can handle and manage both your web design and online marketing.

Web Design

The theme or look to your website is critical to its success. Visitors decide within seconds whether they like your site or not based on the design and layout. GIT’s graphic design team will utilize your current branding to create a unique look and layout to encourage visitors to stay and click through all the pages. All of the websites designed by GIT are equipped with:

  1. Content Management Systems to do easy updates to the content
  2. Mobile version of the website
  3. Website hosting
  4. User-friendly Navigation

Online Marketing

Getting noticed and found online is more challenging every day. It takes a combination of:

  1. Content Management
  2. Social Media
  3. Blogging Writing
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. E-Mail Marketing
  6. Animated Videos
  7. Digital Videos

and many other activates to break through all the noise online and get to your clients and prospects. Our marketing team will review your goals with you and design an online marketing plan to get your site noticed and found. After we launch the new marketing campaign we review the plan on a monthly basis to adjust as the market changes. 

Call or email us today to schedule a complimentary meeting to review your web design and online marketing.

web design
web design and online marketing
web design and online markering