Social Media Platforms

With everything a small business owner has to do throughout the day social media is always on the daily "to-do list" but somehow never gets to the top of the list.  Then, when you do carve out a few minutes which social media platforms to you focus on first. That is where we come in, Global Internet Technologies(GIT) has a dedicated and knowledgeable team to manage your social media to get the most exposure for your investment.

There are several social media platforms to market on; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to mention a few. Which is the best for your product or service? Do I have to be on all of them, that seems to much, or just one of them, which one? These are the questions on the minds of many small business owner every day. Is your clientele consumers or other businesses? Is your service restricted to a specific local area? These and the answers to many other questions will determine the best social media platforms to market on.

GIT is a boutique online marketing agency that can customize a plan to fit your marketing goals. Our plans can consistence of social media posts, Facebook ads, boosting posts, blogging and so much more. Our strategies are flexible enough to change as your industry changes or when your product or service lines are updated.

GIT provides the following services:

  1. We write your Facebook and Twitter posts
  2. We schedule the posts to go out at the ideal time
  3. Develop Facebook ads to increase the likes on your page
  4. Content creation for your blog and web pages

Social media marketing

Contact Global Internet Technologies to schedule a meeting to discuss your social media strategy and to evaluate which social media platforms are best to reach your clients and prospects.