Animated Videos

Global Internet Technologies animates and scripts custom animated videos to communicate a clear message to your clients and prospects. These videos are professionally produced and are great for Google searches and your social media pages. 

GIT staff writers will write a script that will communicate your message clearly and quickly to your target market. Our animators will create the eye candy to keep the audience engaged while our professional voice over artists clearly delivers the script. All professionally done.  

See a few examples below of some of the work GIT has done in a variety of industries. 

Animated Videos for Google Searches

Having  videos as part of your online marketing strategy is a great move. GIT will create the graphics, script the text and have a professional  voice over artist read the script. Once we upload the video to your YouTube account it will get indexed in Youtube and Google.    

Animated videos are a great way to communicate a dry or complex issue in a way your audience will appreciate. Videos are also a great way to bring a little comic relief  to your site.

Animated Videos for Social Media  Searches

How do you get people to stop and read your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn etc? Animated videos are a great way to get people to stop, people will stop and watch video much more consistently then text posts. Your audience will give you 5 to 10 seconds to get them interested in watching the entire video which should be 1 to 2 minutes in length.

 Contact GIT today to schedule a meeting  to discuss adding videos to your online marketing plan.

We offer complimentary meetings to discuss your video needs and review your online marketing in general. Our other services include blogging, content creation and paid Google and social marketing.