How long it takes to build a website

How long it takes to build a website is a question we hear on a regular basis. We understand that once you decide to build or redo your site you want it done yesterday. How long it takes to build a website is estimated depending on what kind of functionality is going into the website; will it have a searchable database? An eCommerce shopping carte? Five pages or one hundred pages?

How long it takes to build a website


Global Internet Technologies customizes each website to the specific needs of our clients. We start by getting to know our clients; their likes and dislikes, goals, services etc.

Collecting information about our clients, their branding, marketing approach, strengths and weakness Is key to developing the website. We need to know where the client is and where they want to go before, we can build them an online business tool (website) to help them reach their goals.

Our website development team is made up season veterans who have been developing and designing websites for many years. Global Internet Technologies team of graphic designers, web designers and programmers work seamlessly together to develop the website to meet todays and tomorrows business goals.


Our graphic design team creates the “eye candy” for the website. The look and graphics on the site are keys to keeping people interested in the site and increase the time they spend on the site, which is a major ranking element for Google.

Once the graphics are created for the site my web designers and programmers build the web pages and the other elements customized for your site. These may be a searchable database, an ecommerce carte or any other custom features the site requires.

The time frame to build a website depending on features could take as few as six weeks for a basic site and up to 3 months or more for a more complexed and robust site.

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