Custom Built Website

After making the decision that a new website is needed the next question is do you want a custom built website or a template. While both have their pros and cons the biggest pro for the template is price and the biggest con to a custom built website is you guessed it, price. So, then the real decision is, are the benefits worth the price?


* With a custom built website all the elements layout just right and look natural. From the header to the footer the site best represents the branding of the company.

* With a template site many times the picture size, navigation and color scheme are predetermined and you must fit your branding into the template rather than the other way around. With a custom site the picture size and location, navigation, colors are determined by our graphic designers NOT the template developers.


* If a template gets hacked all the websites that use that template are now susceptible to being hacked. With a custom built website it is less likely you would be hacked, but hacking is concern for any web developer and site owner.


* With a templated site there is almost no flexibility, the navigation and other elements are predetermined in advance. You need to fit your branding into their design

* With a custom built website the layout of the site is designed before building the site, so it looks how the owners wants the site to look with all the navigation, graphics and color schemes that best represent the business.


* A major factor in Google ranking is page speed. If a page loads to slowly (more the 3 seconds, welcome to my world) Google will penalize your ranking. With a custom built website if a particle page is loading slowly then we can address the timing issue on that page. Problem solved.

* Some templates have limited opportunities to build in keywords on each page. With a template, you may be able to focus on only 1 or 2 keywords for the whole site. With a custom built website, every page can have its own keywords allowing for far greater opportunities to get ranked by Google for considerably more keywords.

In the 15 years, Global Internet Technologies has been designing websites, we have had many clients who started out with a template site then came to us to build there site to enjoy all the benefits of a custom built website.