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Both SEO and SEM are ways to increase your online business presence. In fact, SEO is a type of SEM. If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, this can all be a little confusing. Read on to learn what SEO and SEM are, how they are different, and how you can use them SEO vs SEM vs. Manual Content WritingAI vs. Manual Content Writing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in almost every industry in today’s business world. Even jobs that require creative thinking and original ideas, like content creation, can be done by AI. But is AI writing better than a human content writer? Let’s take a closer look. What is an AI content writer? An AI content AI vs. Manual Content Writing Benefits of Google Local AdwordsThe Benefits of Google Local Adwords

Google AdWords provides many advertising benefits for all types of businesses. One of the most useful benefits is the ability to advertise locally. Google offers many settings and features to create effective local advertising campaigns. Here is some information on why it is effective and how it works. Consumers Like To Shop Local Many consumers The Benefits of Google Local Adwords Animation Videos Are an Effective Marketing ToolWhy Animation Videos Are an Effective Marketing Tool

Have you ever considered creating an animation video to market your business? Animation videos provide many unique opportunities to communicate your message to your target audience in a fun and effective way. Here are just a few reasons why! Most People Like Video Over Text Videos are extremely popular among most people in today’s day Why Animation Videos Are an Effective Marketing Tool your offline marketing is supported by your websiteHow your offline marketing is supported by your website

How your offline marketing is supported by your website. The company’s offline marketing strategies need to communicate to the website developer.  The company’s website should be the central location for the audience you are reaching through the offline marketing campaign. Whether it’s through print, trade shows, radio or TV you should be utilizing the company’s How your offline marketing is supported by your website should I be Blogging ?Why should I be Blogging ?

Why should I be blogging? Blogging on a regular basis has many benefits both from marketing and reputation perspective. From a marketing perspective updating your website is a major component of Google’s algorithm and can be a major influence on where you rank in Google searches.  Blogging gives you an opportunity to build deep sites Why should I be Blogging ? for BeginnersBlogging for Beginners

This post “Blogging for Beginners” is an overview of how to get started blogging for the first time.  Many people are very leery of writing and posting a blog. They don’t know where to start and are afraid to do that first update for the world to see. Overtime like with most things you get Blogging for Beginners

Identifying the correct Key words is an important part of any SEO strategy. Trying to rank for very popular keywords or ones that are never searched is not a successful plan.  Keyword planner software is widely available to do research. These software products can tell you how often a keyword is searched and alternative keywords Keywords Ranking FactorsGoogle Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors There are too many Google ranking factors to be addressed in one blog. Below we tackle a few of the major contributors that can help or hurt your Google ranking. Content Fresh and original content is a major contributor when discussing Google rankings factors. Creating quality content that is unique to your Google Ranking Factors above the fold, what does this mean?Content above the fold, what does this mean?

What content should I put on my website? Where should the content be strategically positioned for maximum benefit?  I am asked these questions all the time when working with my clients on their website content. In today’s blog, we are going to focus what type of content should be included in your site and just Content above the fold, what does this mean?