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Social Media Demographic Breakdowns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter Users When it comes to social media marketing, knowing your demographics is essential. You can’t reach your target audience if you don’t use the platforms they use or use language that catches their eyes. Understanding demographic breakdowns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can help Social Media Demographics Pros and Cons of Social Media MarketingThe Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing

Marketing has evolved a lot in the last few decades. The focus on print advertising shifted drastically to online advertising in a relatively short period. Now, online channels like social media platforms are almost always a part of marketing plans. Business owners seem to understand why they can be effective marketing tools, but they don’t The Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing Facebook SurveysAnswering Facebook Surveys

With so many people home more and looking for things to do many people are having fun on social media answering Facebook surveys questions about themselves and learning more about their friends. Where did you go to high school? How long have you been married? How many tattoos do you have? All just harmless fun Answering Facebook Surveys AdvertisingFacebook Advertising

  With over a billion Facebook users how can you not be advertising on Facebook. In addition to all those users FB also gives you great tools to target your advertising to your specific audience. One of their great tools is the ability to target market by geographic area. If your market is a specific Facebook Advertising LikesFacebook Likes

So, you have your Facebook business page set up and you are posting a few times a month but you have no activity, no likes, no shares and no business from it. The issue may be the number of Facebook likes on your page. If you only have a few friends and family who have Facebook Likes