Social Media Demographic Breakdowns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter Users

When it comes to social media marketing, knowing your demographics is essential. You can’t reach your target audience if you don’t use the platforms they use or use language that catches their eyes. Understanding demographic breakdowns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can help improve your social media marketing campaigns.

Look at the Hard Numbers
Sure, you could get an idea of your demographics on each social media platform by just scrolling and observing. But those algorithms can make looks very deceiving. The best way to determine who uses which platform and when is by looking at the numbers. There are over 4 billion social media users worldwide, and each user spends an estimated 2 hours and 45 minutes daily on social media. Those are a lot of numbers to sort through!

Social Media Demographics

Facebook Demographics
* 2.9 Billion Active Monthly Users
* Largest Age Group: 25-34 makes up 31.5% of total users
* Female: 43%
* Male: 57%
* 33 minutes per day per user

Instagram Demographics
* 2 Billion Active Monthly Users
* Largest Age Group: 25-34 makes up 31.2% of total users, but 18-24 is close behind with 31%
* Female 51.6% Male: 48.4%
* 29 minutes spent per day

LinkedIn Demographics
* 810 Million Monthly Active Users
* Largest Age Group: 40-64 makes up 51% of total users
* Female: 48%
* Male: 52%
* 63% of users access weekly
* 22% of users access daily

Twitter Demographics
* 217 Million Daily Users
* Largest Age Group: 18-29 makes up 42% of total users
* Female: 29.6%
* Male: 70.4%
* 31 minutes spent per day

Based on these demographics, do you know where your target audience will most likely be? Contact Global Internet Technologies to discuss the strategy you had in mind!