Clear and User Friendly Navigation

The important of clear and user friendly navigation is critical to the success of your website. When people visit your site they have a reason to be on your website; to buy a product, to learn more about your services etc.

When your home page or any of your pages in your site loads your visitor wants to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. If they can’t find what they need they will move on to the next site that came up in their Google search. With competition so high online a user friendly experience is important to keeping your visitors on your site and not moving on.

When the visitor to your site finds what they are looking for quickly and easily you improve the customer experience and dramatically increase the probability that this customer will return for future products or services.

Of course with everything the impact of your navigation on your mobile site is a major factor when laying out the web site. The theme of the site and the navigation in particular must work seamlessly between the desk top and mobile versions of your website.

Global Internet Technologies develops a web experience for your customers with clear and user friendly navigation that not only keeps your clients on your site longer but keeps them returning time and again.

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Mobile Websites

A mobile website is a separate website from your desktop website and is designed specifically to operate on your smart phone and tablet. Most mobile websites are a water down version of the full desktop website. The mobile websites designed by Global Internet Technologies are full version websites that are designed to work operate fully on your smart phone or tablet. Why would you not provide the best online experience to your clients whether they are on a phone or desktop?

The popularity of smartphone over the last 5 years has grown tremendously to the point that in January 2015 people were spending more time on their phones then on their desktop to surf the internet. That is something that just a few years ago seemed improbable.

The reason that you need a mobile website is apparent. If your clients are doing more of their shopping and research on their smart phones rather than on their desktop and your site is note mobile ready you are losing customers. Customers are no different on their phone then their desktop, if you make it difficult to use your website the prospect is going to go to another website and you lost that transaction and worse yet maybe that customer for life.

Videos on smart phones are also a great way to market your product or services but you need to be careful. You need to make sure that when you add a video to your website that it fits on the mobile version properly. You never want a visitor playing a video on their phone and it runs off the edge of the screen.

Global Internet Technologies has been designing and marketing websites online for over 13 years. We know what the best practices and techniques are to build your site so it works on your desktop or smart phone.

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Google Keywords

Picking the right keywords is critical for getting a page one or page two position on Google with the organic list. Additionally, after selecting the right correct keywords positioning them in the places that Google’s spider software searches is as important as selection the right words.

The marketing staff at Global Internet Technologies has the expertise to know how to do both. We work directly with the client in the selection of the proper keywords and then code the keywords on the pages where Google will find them.

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