This post “Blogging for Beginners” is an overview of how to get started blogging for the first time.  Many people are very leery of writing and posting a blog. They don’t know where to start and are afraid to do that first update for the world to see. Overtime like with most things you get over the fear and start enjoying the benefits of blogging like Google placement and building a reputation for being an expert in your field.

Below we will address a few of the many topics that are related to blogging. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the tools and rules for blogging, just get started and learn overtime. The most important thing to do is publish that first blog.

Where to get ideas for a blog?

Where do I get blog ideas? This is the first question we hear when people are new to blogging. There are many free and paid resources available online to help you get started.

  1. Google topics in your industry and see what results come up to inspire you.
  2.  Use Google trends ( to find what people are searching for in their Google searches.
  3. Paid sites such as Moz ( these sites have specialized tools for keyword research and blogging.

Why should you blog?

 Blogging gives you the opportunity to share ideas and information in your area of expertise. When you are informing and educating people over a period of time you become an expert in your field. Now when your audience needs your product or service the chances of you getting the first opportunity grows tremendously.       

 Keeping your content fresh and relevant is what will keep your audience engaged and returning to your site. Keeping your content fresh also helps with Google ranking, every time you blog you are adding a new page and fresh content and now CONTENT is KING.

How long should my blog be?

 The true answer to this question is as long as it takes to address and complete your thought. Google does have some requirements such as at least 300 words. That is pretty easy since anything worth writing about would most likely be as least 300 words. On the other end you don’t want to ramble on and on just to make the blog longer. If you keep the length to between 1,000 and 1,500 words you should be fine. If you need to go longer then go longer, shorter is also fine.

Can I use graphics in my blog?

Of course, images and video will enhance the experience of the visitor and add to level of sophistication of the blog. If you have a video on YouTube, since it is owned by Google, will also help your Google ranking.

Blogging for Beginners” is a starting point to get you to that first blog. Once you are over that mountain and continue to blog the fear will diminish and the many benefits of blogging will become apparent. So do some research, pick a topic and write that first draft you will find it isn’t nearly as scary as you thought.

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