Defining your target market is a major element in any marketing strategy, web design is no exception. Whether you market to consumers or other businesses a well-defined target marketing strategy will help make sure your marketing dollars are invested in the areas to produce maximum return. Below a few categories to consider when defining your target market.

If you are marketing to consumers you may want to factor in:

Geographic location – Where are your clients located in comparison to your business? If you are a tradesman like a flooring company or an appliance repair company you may want to stay within an hour of where you are located. On the other hand a company that sell rock tee shirts can sell them around the world. Defining the geographic information about your clients is critical when developing a marketing strategy.

Gender – Is your target market gender in nature? Are the majority of your customers male or female? For example, if you are selling make up while you may have some male clients the vast majority of your clients will be female and thus your marketing should be oriented towards that market. On the other hand, if you are sell shaving cream then the majority of your market will be male and the marketing should be more mescaline in nature.

Income – How much does your product cost? If it is a high end item then you need to focus your marketing towards people with higher incomes. Conversely, if your item is a lower priced product you may target a different market.

Stage of Life – Is your product oriented toward younger people, people with families, senior citizens? Defining who will consume your product or use your services will have a major impact on how the target market is defined.

If your marketing is Business to Business you may want to factor in:

Number of employees – Are you looking for a business of 50 employees or less, 100 employees or less or maybe a national company with 1000’s of employees. It is important to know what size company you can handle and what size company would be interested in your product or service.

Annual Sales – How much does your product or service cost? You need to market your product to companies that can afford your service. If a company has $100,000 in annual sales and your product cost $200,000 annually they just can’t afford your product.

Geographic location – How far can you go to service a client? If your product is local in nature then you will want to market in and around where your business is located. But if your product can be shipped then your market may be across the country or around the world.

Once you have your target market defined, then you can start to make decisions on how best to communicate your message to maximize your exposure to those prospects.

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