All business entities today need an online footprint and that starts with a web design that is compelling and encourages the prospect or client to navigate through the website. Below are 5 critical features every web design should include.

Graphic Design

The look or feel of the website is essential to the success of the site. Visitors decide within seconds whether or not they like the site based on the appearance. The overall web design includes logos, font type, colors and use of white space among other effects. Coordinating these elements in a web design that is compelling to the visitor will have a tremendous impact on the site.

Clear Navigation

When prospects visit your site they usually have a reason for going to your website: looking for a specific product or service, to learn more about your company or to educate themselves on your industry. The web design must feature clear navigation so your prospect can find what they need quickly and easily. The more impressed the prospect is with your website the more likely that prospect will turn into a client.


The content on your website serves multiple functions; it must be compelling to the reader so they want to learn more and be rich with keywords so Google knows where to index the website. The content on the website is not limited to text but includes videos and graphics.


All web designs today must include a mobile version. More people are doing web browsing and searches on their phones today and this is only going to increase over time. The mobile version of your website must function and operate as easily as the desktop version.

Call to Action

A call to action statement is as old as marketing itself and still as relevant today as it ever was in the past. A call to action is a reminder to take some action now and this is the action you should take. Different industries and web designs will have diverse call to actions but each should have one.

Including the above elements in your web design will have a dramatic impact on the functionality and success of the website. To learn more about web design call Global Internet Technologies (732) 863-1455 or email us at