How your offline marketing is supported by your website.

The company’s offline marketing strategies needs to be communicate to the website developer.  The company’s website should be the central location for the audience you are reaching through the offline marketing campaign. Whether it’s through print, trade shows, radio or TV you should be utilizing the company’s website to capture those prospects.

If you are investing in print marketing whether its newspapers, magazines, mailers or billboards your website should be an extension of those ads. If your audience is driving down a highway at 60 miles an hour you have a very short time frame to capture their attention. A few seconds at most but if your web address is ease to read and remember they now have a place to visit later and not just forget about the sign or better yet they just pick up their cell and go straight to your site. If you need help with your mobile site, read our blog about the importance of a mobile site.

Maybe trade show attendees are the audience you are trying to meet. Coordinating your trade show goals with your website is critical to the success of the trade show event.  Your website can have a special page or give away at the event. Register for our newsletter on our site or special discount codes just for the event you are attending are both great ways to make your website visitors feel connected with you. The website should be optimized so when attendees go to your site, they feel welcomed and thanked for visiting your booth at the trade show.

If you are marketing on radio or tv the faster you communicate your message the more cost effective the ad is. So, having a clear and concise message combined with a memorial website address are keys to the success of the ad. With only 15, 30 or maybe 60 seconds it is hard to communicate your message to your audience. As you are planning your ad you should be coordinating with your web designers to make sure the audience from the radio and tv commercials have a clear direction on where to go once they visit the site.

So it is clear when planning your offline marketing it is key to include your multimedia team when planning you offline marketing efforts. These are a few examples of how your offline marketing is supported by your website.