mobile websites

Mobile Websites

Why are mobile websites so important?  There are 3.5 billion smart phone users in the world today. 81% of Americans own a smart phone and 62% of them have made a purchase using their smart phone. If that isn’t enough information to understand why you need to focus on your mobile websites keep reading.

More then half of all the Google searches now are on a mobile devise and 72% of searches for food and beverages are being done on phones. Where do you want to eat? Is almost always followed by a Google search. Google recognizes the importance of a website being mobile friendly. Their algorithms now clearly favor sites that are mobile and will give them a clear advantage when creating their search results. Also, if a website isn’t mobile friendly users will just go to the next site in the results for the mobile experience. Today’s users expect a robust experience when they are on their smart phones. If the site is hard to navigate or if it difficult to read the content, they feel that the company isn’t concerned about their customer’s experience and will move on to the next site.

With the first release of the iPhone in 2009 people have been crazed with having their phones with them. Sixty six percent of smartphone users admit to being addicted to there phone and 80% say they check their phone within an hour of waking up. With the convenience of having a smart phone with you all the time and with the wide availability of internet access, the power of the cell phone and the dominance it plays in our society is only going to expand.

So now that you are convinced that the mobile experience you are offering your clients and prospects is a critical component of your online foot print you need to evaluate your mobile website and make sure the user experience is all it can be for your clients and prospects.

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