Category: Marketing above the fold, what does this mean?Content above the fold, what does this mean?

What content should I put on my website? Where should the content be strategically positioned for maximum benefit?  I am asked these questions all the time when working with my clients on their website content. In today’s blog, we are going to focus what type of content should be included in your site and just Content above the fold, what does this mean? AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Google Analytics is a valuable tool in managing and marketing your website. From how many visitors come to your site through what was the last page they visited before exiting and so much more can be found in this data. Reviewing this information on a regular basis is critical in managing your website and making Google Analytics Your Target MarketDefining Your Target Market

Defining your target market is a major element in any marketing strategy, web design is no exception. Whether you market to consumers or other businesses a well-defined target marketing strategy will help make sure your marketing dollars are invested in the areas to produce maximum return. Below a few categories to consider when defining your Defining Your Target Market KeywordsGoogle Keywords

Picking the right keywords is critical for getting a page one or page two position on Google with the organic list. Additionally, after selecting the right correct keywords positioning them in the places that Google’s spider software searches is as important as selection the right words. The marketing staff at Global Internet Technologies has the Google Keywords